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Sai Ram to all,

I wish to share my Parthy visit for Maha Siva Ratri. As many watched it live, I will avoid the Siva Ratri details shared by others.

Before going to Puttaparthy I was having two minds (Monkey mind), Whether to go to Parthy to view Swamy’s Lingodbhava or stay at Bangalore to attend Veda / Rudram Chantings arranged by our Veda Group, and watch Live telecast of Lingodbava by Samskar Channel.

For Sivaratri our Veda Chanting Group at Bangalore  arranged two programs. In morning veda Chanting at MANJU NATAHA  SWAMY TEMPLE at  DOMLUR from 05:30 to  08:00 hrs, And  RUDRAM chanting at SAI DARSHAN between 17:30 to 17:50 hrs.

One part of my mind says that if I stay at Bangalore  I am able to do regular puja  rituals on this auspicious day like offering fruits and flowers, chanting slokas, litting Deepam and do archana with Kumkum to God Photoes. I can also watch closely Live telecast of Lingodbava by Samskar Channel, and many more Sacred Siva Places temples by Other TV Channels. But if I stay at home, But, I am not sure of sacred, auspicious environment whole day during this period at home. I observed this happen in many festival days at home, Me and Phani my wife may get  easily exited with words, and harmony at home is easily lost.

Instead If  I go to Parthy, I can focus totally in mind on Swamy or Shiva or in the sacred environment of many Bhaktas Yogis at Parthy.  It is also a great opportunity to see Lingodbhava by Swamy a rare event in once life. As now I am staying in Bangalore, It is very feasible. I don’t know about tomorrow where God puts me.

But due to heavy crowd at Parthy, I may not be directly seeing lingodbhava, As people stand and block the view in Hall. If I go to Parthy I may not be able to do  regular puja  rituals on this auspicious day like offering fruits and flowers, chanting slokas, litting Deepam and do archana with Kumkum to God Photoes. My friend with whom I share accommodation do not have much inclination to the rituals and Puja.

What is Good and right for me to do. Both ways it is interesting.  I left it to Swamy’s Will to decide what is Good for me. Finally decided to go to parthy only. Reached Parthy by bus from Bangalore on 17 FEB 2004, at 19.30 hrs.

18th February 2004, Maha Shivarathri day morning Darshan:

Woke-up at 3.45am and went into Q at 5.00am.  The Q was moving into SK Hall. I wanted to attend to Omkar, but it is filled by then, and I joined Q going into Sai Kulwant Hall.

Morning Swami came in the Red Maruthi car in his Safron Robe at around 7:20 a.m. Till 8:00 a.m. Veda chanting was going on.  At 8:00 a.m., the students gave a devotional singing Lingastakam, that lasted till 9:15 a.m. Morning Swamy called One Poet who wrote 11000 Poems on Sai to read them to audience.  He picked up some of them and read them. Swamy spent time very Leisurely with the devotees who gathered in SK Hall. Swamy was in Sai Kulwant Hall till 10.00 am from 7.00 am. He did not show any hurry to go.He was very pleasant. It is very nice to all devotees staying in the Hall. Sweets and apples were distributed to all those assembled. I got one apple. It was announced that the evening program would start at 4:00 p.m. The crowd this time are more than it was during last year. The crowds are very large this time.

Afternoon Darshan & Lingodbava Q started at 10.00 am on wards. Me and my friend MuraliKrishna joined Q at 12.00noon We Got seat in the Middle Isle in-Between Gents & Ladies Isle.

In the afternoon, Swami came in the golf cart in YELLOW dress at 3:20 p.m. Veda chanting  continued till 4:00 p.m.  Swami started the discourse at 5:00 p.m. Swamy said that there is Lingam in every one of you. You are all Lingams.  While He was speaking about the formation of Lingam, His speech was interrupted at 5:40 p.m., and the signs of emergence of Lingam appeared. Swami started drinking water and at 5:55 p.m., He materialized the Lingam from His mouth.

I will cut short that part of items shared by Other authors about the Siva Ratri Program.

Swamy showed the lingam to all devotees  Swami said that the Golden Lingam was very heavy and gave different appearance at different faces which the devotees would not be able to withstand when they see it. This part was not clear to me. Swami also said that more Lingams are to come. He started getting restless and could not even sit. He was taken inside His room on
the wheeled sofa and at 6:20 p.m.

It was announced by Anil Kumar that two more Lingams emerged from Him. Swami came back walking to the lobby at 6:30 p.m. He said the students are his Prana and He is for them and they are for Him. They need not worry about anything as he would be always with them to protect.

HE ALSO SAID FROM TOMORROW HE WILL START  MOVING FREELY WHEREVER HE WANTS, and his health would be perfect here afterwards. He then sang three Bhajan songs and told the students to go and have their dinner and come back and do the Bhajans.  Swamy said He would be coming back in the Night. But Physically He did not come.

After Swamy left I tried to go near Dais to Watch the Lingam, But it was not kept on Display as it was done last year.

Bhajans continued by the Bhajan troops whole night. As the microphones were Switched off Bhajans were not audible and most of the devotees are not able to hear them, and participate in singing

19th Feb 2004:

Bhajans continued by the Bhajan troops. Bhajans were not audible not able to hear them, and participate in singing. Many people in gents side were Physically slept in Sai Kulwant Hall. Seva Dal did not woke them up. Sat till 00.15 hrs, and to break sleepiness, in early hours,  Me and Narasimham  Went to Ram chakka’s room. Played  some Bhajan Casetts in room till 2.30am. Took Bath at 3.00 and After Bath  came to S K Hall at 3.30 am.

At 3.30 am Lot of People started coming. Seva Dals are there and controlling Queue to enter SK Hall. Went inside SK Hall. hall is nearly full by 4.30 am.  Bhajans going on. Usually Baba comes early to Hall on the next day of Maha Shivarathri. Hence, we are all expecting Swamy from 5.30 am onwards. But this time Swamy did not come till 6.45 am.

Anybody Guess why Swamy did not come at usual 5.30 hrs. As I have to attend Office and hence I booked my return ticked in 7.30 am Bus. I was doubting weather I can have Swamy’s darshan and his permission to leave before I get up to go to Bus stand.

Swamy came to SK Hall in Red Car at 6.50 am. Me and Narasimham were sitting next to each other in the hall. Swamy’s went round the Hall, and from Dias looked at devotees with lot of love and Kindness turning in all sides, and  blessed  people. Swamy is looking very  fresh and Energetic. My Bus is at 7.30 am I could not wait till Swamy’s completed his Talk and Prasadam distribution. Narasimham garu told me to take prasadam, and then go later. As there is a meeting to attend in Office, at Bangalore, I requested for Swamy’s permission and Pardon. When Swamy from Dias  Blessing and looking at devotees in all directions, and was slowly  about to sit in chair,  I  got up  from my seat,  turned towards him, and slowly walked backwards  to go out, in the Path created by Seva Dal for the Prasadam Distribution.

Came out of SK Hall at 7.10am, Went to room  running, to collect Suitcase and came running to Bus Stand.  Bus is on Plat form. Got into it and Reached back Bangalore by 12.00 noon on 19th Feb 2004.

Thank you very much Swamy (despite my monkey mind trying to stop) for allowing me to come to Parthy, and stay in your abode and have your Divine Darshan.

In Sai Service

Prahlada Rao


Lovingly shared by Prahlad Rao. Posted on 23/02/2004