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Subject: Happenings at Parthy !!

Posted by Jayshree on 19-02-2004

Happenings at Parthy --> (As shown in Samskar channel)

(18-02-2004) Shivrathri

Swami came as usual in car. Bala accompanied Swami's car and Swami took Bala's hand while getting down and walked on to the stage holding his hand. He collected letters from some VIP devotees as vedam chanting was going on. Swami sat on the chair, listened to Vedam for some time then called A.V.S.Raju to read out his poems.

Later He called one school boy (USA) to come and chant vedam.(Paul's son) He called Sudheendran and asked him to translate the Vedic stanzas the boy was chanting. There was some sort of commentary also about the sacredness of Shivrathri by Sanjay Mahalingam and Sarath Chandra.

There was even a small enactment by Subbu Ravi Kiran and some body else ... after which boys started singing stotrams and songs This time Sailesh Sir was seen providing support and not an active role ...!!

Swami came in yellow robe. He started giving discourse around  5PM or so...He was telling about Shivrathri ..the sacredness of the Lingam. He said this time not one but three lingams are going to come.(One gold ,one silver and one brone....)

Suddenly in between His discourse He showed signs of Lingam emerging. Then immediately ppl around caught Him and made Him sit on the chair. Boys
started singing bhajans and Swami brought out a Lingam around 5:55 PM This time no body could see it coming out as He covered His mouth with napkin. He vomitted lot of water before taking out the lingam. There was a great sigh of relief on His face after He took that out.


He continued His discourse sitting on the chair with mike close to His mouth and Anil Kumar Sir was translating. (Swami also asked Satyajit to take that Lingam around all VIPs and show it closely. So the lingam was put in a silver plate and taken around.) Swami  then decided to get up and continue the discourse. So He stood up and leaned to the table .... Slowly He slided off to one side ...ppl caught Him immediately and made Him sit on the chair.  (The camera then showed the students) The chair was turned back  and ppl carried Him inside.

After 20-30 mins He came out walking from interview room holding Satyajit's hand The first sentence He spoke then : ituvantivi ennaina jaragavacchu kaani ee dehaaniki maatramu etti  pramaadamu sambhavinchadu (Many things may happen like this but there is no sort of danger for this body ) There were applauses for a very long time... Swami raised his hand indicating devotees to stop clapping


Some main points from the discourse:

This happened like this because of weakness as I have not partaken food  for the last two months which is essential for the body to survive Due to sudden loss of weight in the body it has happened like this. The 3 ton weighing lingam has come out .... so little bit weakness. From tomorrow you will see me walking freely among devotees. Have no worry for this body. Keep your faith strong.

Swami then sang 3 bhajans (Shiva shiva shiva shiva shivaya nama  om  ... ..... Ganga jatadhara ......... shivaya shivaya shivaya .... ( new one ... never heard earlier )

Then He continued His discourse ....

All my children were very scared after seeing this incident... I know the love and devotion they have for Swami ... even parents may not know their feelings and thoughts ..but I know them properly. They all are gold...that's why gold lingam has come .. Children don worry about this body... U r my wealth ... Past is past ...forget about it ..tomorrow onwards you will see me walking freely ..... Don worry about the past ..Be in the present .. You have faith in Swami ..then Swami will take care of your present and future. I am there with u ................. You may be any where in the world ... I will take care of you ..... Consider each one of your works as Swami's work ... Swami will take care of you ..... Bangarulu...... study well and this time all of you are going to pass the exams ... I will take care of you .. Go back ..have food, come and participate in the bhajan ...I will come again .... He then indicated to start bhajans...... He sat for two bhajans then got into the car( one in which He came on B'day)   and went off to PC.


Posted by Jayshree on 19-02-2004