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Posted on 11th March, 2004

Sai Ram,


For my last darshan of this trip, Baba spent 10 minutes on the verandah. It was a good view and a nice darshan. I resigned to the fact that I did not get an interview. Oh well, Baba knows best.

It seems that Baba is not leaving for Whitefield anytime soon. He invited some people to visit with him. Special seating and food was arranged in the Western Canteen.

The best rumor is that after Ugadi, he will go. But only he knows. He may not even go.

The weather has cooled a bit. The only problem is the water shortage. a smaller crowd helps with that.

I left on the express bus to Bangalore. I wonder why they call it express when it makes so many stops. I got to see areas I have not seen before. I saw the train depot which is beautiful. I learned that when you sit in the back of these buses that it helps to stand when going over road bumps. It was a good trip.

I will miss Prasahanti and hope that Baba makes it possible for me to return soon.

I am in Singapore on the way home. Home will be interesting after all these months away.

Gerald Dominick

Sai Ram,

Posted on 10th March, 2004


One day left until I leave for the States. Baba gave a brief but good darshan this morning. He took a large group in for an interview. I am still hoping for an interview but Baba knows what is bests. I am trying to surrender this desire.

The crowd remains small.

The weather has cooled a bit. Last night it got cold during the night especially with the wind blowing. This is a drought area which needs rain.

The ashram has many beautiful gardens. Even for those that have been here recently, the garden by the North Indian Canteen has been spruced up and a fence put around it. Other places have had similar work done. Most, if not all, by devotees doing seva.

Baba remains the most magnificent being on this planet. He is love incarnate. He radiates Love at all times. Baba always shows his love and caring for everyone.

Gerald Dominick


This afternoon we were treated to the most wonderful sounds of the veena being played by the college boys. The music was enchanting lifting to another level. Peace.

Yesterday, a rarity happened. A man caught a someone walking off with his chappals.

Gerald Dominick

Posted on 8th March, 2004

Sai Ram,


Yesterday afternoon, Baba and the rest of us were treated to heavenly music by the Anantapur girls. For over an hour, they transported us to another level of love, peace, bliss and harmony. The intensity of their love for Baba benefited all of us.

Arathi was at 4:35.

The weather remains hot and dry. Everyone seems to be coping well with umbrellas, hats and drinking lots of fluids.

The crowds are small with short lines, if any.

The monkeys, young and old, have been entertaining by the North Indian Canteen area.

Last Friday, Baba went to the Super Specialty Hospital for a closed dedication of a Shirdi Sai Baba statue.

This morning, Baba gave a wonderful ten minute standing darshan on the verandah.

It is amazing how peaceful it is here. Certainly more so than at Whitefield.

I am happy that I have been able to spend 6 months here but sad that I have to leave on the 11th for U.S. Now to the business of living in that other world, of finding work as a writer or in the computer field as well as many other things that I need to do. Also, I wonder how well I will adjust and how long it will take to being back in that world.

I will miss writing these reports. It has been fun. A few more left to come.

Gerald Dominick

Posted on 7th March, 2004

Sai Ram,


I have returned to Prasanthi Nilayam. It is so nice to be back here. The feeling is that Baba will not be leaving here until after the 21st. Who Knows??

It is about 20 degrees hotter here than in Whitefield and drier.
Maybe Baba might leave sooner to take people to a cooler climate. However. there are no indications of him leaving.

The primary school boys entertained Baba this morning with a skit and some music. Baba was on the verandah for two hours.

Kumar says that for the last few days, different boys have been
performing for Baba often with just a nights notice. The kids after finishing their schoolwork and other chores might get a few hours sleep before getting up at 2 or 3 to prepare.

It is clear to me that the vibration level of the Prasanthi Nilayam area is high. It lifts a person to a higher spiritual vibration that may return to a lower level when you leave this area. It is up to each of us to keep it elevated. While we are here, the cleansing can put it there permanently.

I noticed this in myself. I watched my reaction and action as I spent a week in Bangalore and Whitefield and returned.

Yesterday, I visited the Super Specialty Hospital in Whitefield. It is nice. I like the one in Puttaparthi better. Whitefield is shape like a K. One wing is for cardiac and the other for neurology. I went to the Reception Area where I saw the large picture of Baba materializing vihbuti. There was some on the counter for people to take.

I had heard about the industrial park but still I was surprised by it. It is completely modern rivaling anything in any other part of the world. In its midst is the hospital.

All over this area, I see India modernizing as it moves rapidly into the new age to rival older industrial powers.

I was fortunate to catch a cab back to Puttaparthi. The express bus from Whitefield leaves at about 1:00. Taxi's that have brought someone to the Whitefield area, will come by looking for someone to pay 100 Rupees or more for the return trip so they don't have to ride back alone and can make some extra money. Another person joined me in the returned trip. We made it in 2 hours and 45 minutes including a 15 minute pit stop.

As we arrived Baba was just coming out. I had a ten minute darshan before going to accommodations to end back in my same bed in the dorm shed.

It is great to be here. Unfortunately, it will be short visit as I am supposed to return to the United States on Thursday, unless Baba has other plans for me.

Gerald Dominick

Posted from Whitefield,  Bangalore on 4th March, 2004

Sai Ram,
I am in Whitefield with no sign of Baba. There are so many rumor that it is hard to make any reasonable decision based on them.
However, someone pointed out that the temperature in Prasanthi Nilayam is over 100. I think this would be an incentive for Baba to get devotees out of the heat.
I am not sure what I am going to do. I have some business to take care of Friday morning and then I will decide. I may take the chance and return to Prasanthi.
It is strange seeing Brindavan and the surrounding area after 23 years. I knew it was built up but I thought it would be different.
The Hall has been expanded and is finished. It looks great. The whole ashram looks great. But from outside the walls the covering over the hall looks lousy.
The Gokulam area is impressive. I walked around different areas of Whitefield. There are several very modern up-to-date buildings that would rival other places in the world.
It is clear that India is caught up in leaping into the 21st century while still have to deal with the tremendous problems from the past. The Indian economy is growing rapidly. There is every reason to believe that India will accomplish the modernization of the country soon.
The top leaders of India and of several state governments are committed to serving the people and improving the infrastructure. With them seeking guidance from Baba and following his advice, India will move into the modern age while retaining and improving its spiritual stance.

India will excel as the spiritual leader of the world as it becomes the leader in the economic and political fields. India will be the example for the world and the world will follow.
This is as I understand Sai Baba's Will.
We are here to witness and be part of it. In india and in the rest of the world. We are witnesses to the most glorious and revolutionary transformation in the history of mankind.

Gerald Dominick

Posted on 28th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
.......Today is Saturday. The rumors are that Baba is leaving tomorrow or Monday, possibly Tuesday. People are preparing. I believe he will leave Monday.
I didn't realize that when Baba came to Puttaparthi, he was flown in a jet. It is expected that to make things easier on him, he will fly back. The plane and staff are ready. However, he might go by car. As with anything concerning Baba, nothing is certain until it happens.
I met a newlywed couple in accommodations who were just married and decided to spend the weekend with Baba.
As of now, my plans are to leave for Bangalore on Sunday 2-29-04. I will continue to keep you informed while I am in Whitefield. There may be a few days without reports but if anything major happens, I will let you know.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 27th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
Baba gave a beautiful darshan this morning spending about 15 minutes on the verandah and in the chair before going inside.
The rumors are flying. You name it, it's being said. The most definitive rumor is that Baba is going to Whitefield on February 31st.
Monkeys are entertaining again. Yesterday afternoon by North 7 & 8 were a bunch of young monkeys. One monkey had gotten a hold of a cup and was drinking water out of it. What next? Using forks and spoons.
Weather remains great.
Crowd is small. Many of the people who came for several months have gone home to their wintry climate.
Gerald Dominick
Sai Ram,

Posted on 26th February, 2004

Sai Ram,


Baba gave 15 minute darshan today as he sat in the chair watching prasad being distributed to primary school children.

He blessed us several times and seemed happy when we applauded him doing so.

The rumors continue to circulate. However, it does seem that Monday or Tuesday, Baba will go to Whitefield. But we won't know until he actually does.

The weather remains good.

The dogs have been particularly restless yesterday and today.

One man who had breathing problems and some difficulty walking is no longer having those problems and is feeling marvelous. The big improvement occurred on Shivarathri.

There is a man who always wears a white hat with his white clothes. Today, he was not wearing his cap. Reason: he was going incognito.

The secret to happiness is surrender to God.

Gerald Dominick


Posted on 26th February , 2004

Sai Ram


Baba gave a brief verandah darshan this morning but it was worth it. He spent time talking with different people seated on the verandah. Finally, Baba turned faced all of us and raised his right hand to bless us. What love. He went inside for interviews.
Yesterday, a leading Hindu - Vishnu sect leader was here surrounded by body guards.

There were ten heavily armed policemen with him outside the hall. There must have been men inside the hall. It seems that extremists have been trying to kill him. I am told that the threat on his life is greater than on the prime minister.

Just before 4am this morning the hall was swept for explosives. At this writing I am not sure if he has left or is away and coming back.
Just before darshan this morning, we heard a loud noise. It turned out the tires on a wheelchair on the women's side exploded.
An older man named "K" had rods put in his legs. Everyday he had to take pain medication. On Shivarathri day, while he was waiting on line to get to seat on the bench, he was knocked over by the crowd that ran down the passageway between the hall and East Prasanthi. Later, as he was sitting on the bench, he was in so much pain, that someone had to go to his room to get medication. As K sat watching Baba materialize a lingam, the pain disappeared and his legs felt great. K told me today, that his legs feel perfect and that he no longer has to take any pain medication.
The weather is great and the Italian cooking remain wonderful.

Latest rumors are that Baba will be here one more week before leaving.
Only God knows what Baba is going to do.

Gerald Dominick

Sai Ram,

Posted on 24th February, 2004

The weather is hot in daytime and a bit cool at night particularly the early morning hours.

Darshan has been sparse. It has been mainly car darshan. Baba has been very selective as to who he takes letters from. He has been very busy with group interviews.
He is, as always, very loving.

The crowds have dwindled making life a bit easier here.
The Italians continue to cook great meals at the Western Canteen.

Rumors continue to fly about when Baba is leaving for Whitefield. The latest is that he is not going and will spend March here.
I am uncertain what Baba said after the lingam was produced but one thing is clear. I am different. I am not sure how. A few minutes before the actual manifestation of the lingam, while Baba was coughing, an energy went out from him. When it reached me, it changed me. One thing is that all the aggravation of what had happened earlier in the day with the crowds, the heat, the discomfort and more, all vanished.
There is a family of monkeys that has been active but surprising stays away from the hall area.

Gerald Dominick
Sai Ram,

Posted on 22nd February, 2004

Rumors are flying about when Baba is leaving for Whitefield.
The crowds are considerably smaller. It is quieter here.
Baba is as busy as ever. He is still coming out in his red car. We are waiting for him to walk from his residence to the mandir.
Baba continues to bless everyone from the verandah and the crowd loves it. It shows its appreciation by applauding. There is so much Love here from Baba to his devotees and from the devotees to Baba.
There are lockers in the N8 building for anyone staying in the ashram. It is a safe and secure place to store your passport, money and other valuables. Rooms do get broken into and people do have items taken even when paying for something.
For those of you not familiar with the Shopping Center at the ashram. There are many wonderful bargains available. Almost everything you need is found there.
The weather here to me is warm but to many of you it would be hot. It is a bit warm but compared to March to June, it is cool now.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 20th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
People are leaving and by tomorrow the crowd should be back to manageable size.
Rumors are flying about when Baba is leaving for Whitefield. As usual, no one knows for sure.
It does seem that he will be here another few days.
Shivarathri was a mixed bag. There was a lot of unpleasantness of waiting, unruly crowds, crowded conditions, tempers, thirsts, hunger and other factors. All of this was forgotten the moment Baba/Shiva produced the lingam.
In this process of creation by the creator itself, the energy of the hall and of those watching on television changed to a oneness that we are. It became worth it.
The moment of birth made all the pain worth it.
In the morning, Baba came out after 7:00 gave another discourse and passed out prasad.

The camera was on Baba while the prasad was being passed out. Arathi had already been done but Baba remained in his chair. He blessed the food which was ladus and special rice. Because of the size of the crowd, it took time to distribute all this. Baba watched it all.
Because of the camera, we were able to get a close up of Baba during this process. For long periods of time, Baba sat motionless. Shiva? watching over us being sure that everything went right.
After receiving the prasad, many people left but a large group remained. After a while, "Om Namah Shivaya" was chanted by people inside and outside the hall. This chanting went on for a long time. Baba, whoever he was, was enjoying this. He seemed to be in another dimension, another place. Eventually, he told the students to stop that they had to go eat.
The chanting was powerful, uplifting and transforming.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 19th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
It seems that in my rush to get you the latest information, I failed to verify certain information.
The speaker system in the hall, can be hard to understand, especially for me. I rely on other people to tell me what has been said.
Some clarifications:
Baba didn't have an out -of-body experience. He had a great weight was taken out of his body.
Also, I am not sure if Baba said that he has eliminated our past karma.
I was told that Baba said he would be walking this morning. Well, he didn't. For this morning darshan Baba came out in his red car.
We will just have to wait for the transcript.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 18th February, 2004 (Evening Darshan)

Sai Ram
Baba manifested 3 lingams tonight before 6:30.
The first one came as he was giving a discourse. It came as liquid gold which took a few moments to harden. It is for the college boys and will be in their lounge. It represents how special they are.
It also represents the start of a new era.
Baba then tried coughing up more but couldn't. He got pale, weak and sickly looking. He couldn't get up. A chair with wheel was brought over and several men helped him to the chair. He was wheeled into the the interview room where 2 more lingams were manifested.
A short time later, Baba came walking out looking young and healthy.
He announced that had gone out of his body and when he returned his body was healed. There is nothing wrong with his body.
His body is only here to benefit humanity. He will continue to dedicate his life for that purpose.
Thursday morning he will WALK to darshan. He is completely healed.
He said that everyone here has had their past karma removed.
The energy here was tremendous during this period as it is now.
It was an incredible experience to be present while all this was happening.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 18th February, 2004 (Morning Darshan)

Sai Ram,
Yesterday, the boys once again entertain Baba with a long program. Baba blessed everyone.
This morning everyone lined up early for darshan. Filled to capacity. Baba came into the Hall at 7:00 in his red car which moved very slowly. He blessed everyone. On the verandah, he sat in the center. there was a speaker followed by a musical and dialogue program by the boys praising Baba. Prasad was passed out.
A group of monkeys including some newborn were perched on the roof of East Prasanthi as Baba made his entrance. I am not sure how long they stay. It looked like they wanted darshan.
Program this afternoon starts at 4:00. People are already lining up. Too many people here. It is packed. More people than for birthday.
There are no rooms. Temperature is warm.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 17th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
The crowds are getting bigger. The hall is decorated as usual. The driveway has colored streamers over it. Television sets have been set up in the hall like it was done for birthday. However, there are several big screens set up outside. One behind the mandir, one between the hall and the Poornachandra and two in the passageway between the hall and East Prasanthi.
The Italians are back cooking gormet food in the Western Canteen. Delicious.
Yesterday, the Anantapur girls entertained Baba for over an hour by singing devotional, love songs to him. Baba moved his chair to the end of the verandah on the women's side. The girls were sitting west of the mandir. Baba's back was to the men.

He handed out gifts to the girls and had his picture taken with them as he had done with the boys. Prasad-sweets was passed out to the students and vips.
They were terrific.
This morning after car darshan, Baba blessed everyone and went inside and then to his residence. He returned for bhajans.
Not to scare anyone but someone found a three foot baby cobra in his ground floor unit in one of the North buildings.
Gerald Dominick

Posted on 16th February, 2004

Sai Ram,
The mystery of yesterday was solved. The reason there were no bhajans in the morning was because Baba was speaking with the college boys in the temple. Also, they had wanted to perform for him but the suggestion was made that if they waited until the afternoon then all the devotees can benefit. Baba agreed.
Their devotion of Baba is so intense that it spill over to others. In return his LOVE for them is even greater. All of us in the vicinity benefit as we did yesterday.
Their performance was outstanding.
Baba gave brief darshan this morning. But he blessed everyone from the verandah. I think the men get more blessings. We need it.
The crowds are getting larger. People are pouring in by the busload.
Some Americans are doing a medical camp at the General Hospital as a seva.
Many people are leaving on the 19th or the 20th.
Many rumors about Baba going/not going to Whitefield. I feel he is going by the beginning of March.
Gerald Dominick


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