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Photos of Swami in Puttaparthi


Dear Sai brothers and sisters,

I have been visiting Brindavan fairly regularly and this is what I observe.

Brindavan has now been awaiting Swami's arrival for more than a week, and yet there is no news about Swami's arrival here.

There is a festive look around Brindavan. Shops as usual have sprung up outside the gates.

Ramesh Hall has now been extended to cover the complete outside area and a huge pandal (Shamiana) has been erected.  Now Swami should be able to drive around the entire length of the huge hall + extended hall, and make the devotees very happy.

Gents are expected to use a different entry, because one can see an additional gate in place.

An additional cloak room has also come up.

The Sathyasai General Stores inside the asram has many additional items now available to cater to the needs of the visiting devotees, and is nowadays available daily for 4 hours from 9 AM to 1 PM.

There is a silent prayer from everyone "Swami, please come to Brindavan, please come to Brindavan"

with sai regards


PS:  One can now register their email IDs with the Sathyasai General Stores and Book Center at Brindavan,  for information relating to Books, Audio and Video CDs/cassettes.  You can also register your name by sending an email to :  or

I am given to understand that these email IDs are strictly for information relating to availability and sale of VCDs, CD-ROMs, Video Tapes, Audio Tapes and Books.

Lovingly shared by Raja - posted on 12-03-2004