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Ganesh Idol - Materialized by Bhagavan

Time flows, season changes & fresh bunches of flowers bloom forth. The festival season begins with the birth of Lord Krishna & it is on the 18th September, 2004, Lord Ganesha ambles in with a ponderous & stately gait, claiming his modakas to the delight of all, irrespective of age.

This rich tapestry of Indian culture unfolds, celebrated in colorful, varied abundance in every corner of the country, leave alone other western countries, who are fully aware of our priceless cultural and spiritual heritage, may we live a vibrant life and pass on this treasure to generations to come. 

Life itself is a scripture, His words are hymns, His actions are blessings upon the world. He is the fulfilled, the perfect. In such an accomplished man, we watch God and His play.

On this day, the Lord Ganapathi Vinayaka is visiting every one's house from His Celestial Abode with lots of Fun Fair & Gaiety with upbeat drumming, music, dance, every one is in a colorful attire sprinkling colors, rejoicing, offering Prasad to the passersby & thanking Lord Lambodara for being with them from one day to the tenth day..

Lord Modhka is being carried in Chariot type vehicles depending upon the weight & size of the Lord. It is reported that the largest size of Lord Ekadanta is 50 feet, weighing 30 metric tones. These sky scaling idols is the fascinating sight to be seen & watched. It was indeed is a vibrating experience to see Gajanana so close to the heart. All the T.V Channels are relaying the live broadcasting of this event from Girgoan, Chowpati, Dadar, Mulund, Andheri, Borivali, Virar & New Mumbai & many other places. 

Let us get drenched in the Satwik mood in carrying Lord Vinayaka on our shoulders & transferring all our worries on the shoulder of the Lord, who is all in all in spreading Happiness around, who is endowed with full powers. It is our resolution & dedication that He will fill us in the very subtlest & happiest mood with a smiling face, while receiving Him with Bhakti Love. 

Before, one embarks upon any subject, traditionally, one must invokes Lord Ganapathi & Goddess Mata Saraswathi, because Lord Ganapathi is Siddhi Dhaataa & Mata Saraswathi is Buddhi Dhaatri. Siddhi refers to worldly objects & gains that can be achieved in the World, while Buddhi refers to all knowledge available in the Universe. Thus we seek fulfillment of our actions in the form of results as well as fulfillment of our need for knowledge: to achieve these, we worship Lord Ganapathi & Mata Saraswathi before we embark upon any task or initiate a new project.

"Agajaanana padmarkan Gajananamaharnisam

Anekadam tam Bhaktaanam Ekadanthamupasmahe"

' Him I worship day and night, the One with a single tusk, Who is like the Sun, on seeing Whom the Lotus face of Mata Parvati expands, & Who blesses His devotees in many ways'.


GANESHA: 'Ga' stands for knowledge, 'Na' for deliverance & 'Sha' indicates that He is the only Master who can give both.

EKADANTA: Eka' means first & 'Danta' means prowess. He has the Supreme Power.

HEYRAMBA: - ‘Hey' refers to people in suffering & 'Ramba' implies affording protection. Hence, He protects those in difficulties.

VIGHNANADAYAKA: - 'Vighna' is obstacle &' Nayaka' is the destroyer. He is the destroyer of obstacles.   

LAMBODARA: - 'Lamba' is long & swinging & 'Udara' is the stomach. He is the one with a long & swinging stomach. Soon after His second birth with the elephant head, Lord Vishnu followed by the other Devas, lovingly dedicated to Him a huge spread of delicious dishes as 'Naivedya' & He fondly ate everything as a result of which His belly became large, long & swinging.

SHOORPAKARNA:-'Shoorpa' is flat & rectangular basket with one end open, used for sorting out stones & Husk from grains. Karna means ear. He has large ears to ward off difficulties, evils & sufferings of His devotees.

GAJANANA: ‘Gaja' is an elephant and' Anana' is face. He is the One who has the face of an elephant.

GUHAGRAJA: 'Guha' is Skanda, the younger son of Lord Shiva and so Ganesha is His elder brother.

MODHKA:  'Modh'. Lord Ganapathi is offered Modhka, the rice cooked balls by seekers to realise The Infinite.

Lord Ganapathi or Lord Vinayaka or Lord Vigneshewara, is the elder son of Lord Shiva & is described as the Supreme Leader (Vinayaka) or the Leader of Ganas (Ganapathi) or Lord of all Obstacles (Vigneshewara). The very names indicate or reveal that since He is the Master of all actions in the World outside, no Hindu ritual or auspicious act is ever undertaken without invoking Him. With His grace, no undertaking can fail.

Hence, Lord Ganapathi represents a man of perfection & a fully realized Vedantin. Westerners are shocked to notice that Hindus revere a Form, which is so ridiculous & absurd. To a Vedantic student, since His path of Knowledge is essentially intellectual, He must have a big head to conceive & understand the logic of dealings, & truth, which can be comprehended only through patient listening to a teacher. Therefore, Lord Ganapathi has large ears representing continuous and intelligent listening (Sravana). Apart from Sravana, He must reflect (Manana) upon what He has heard. His intellect must have depth, width & discriminative power (Viveka) in order to accommodate the entire world of plurality with perfection.

The trunk coming down from the forehead of the elephant’s face, has got a peculiar efficiency that beats all achievements of man and his ingenuity. Here is a tool, which can uproot the tree or pick up a small needle lying on the ground. No mechanical device contrived by man can perform such multifarious activities. The discriminative power in us can only discriminate between two factors, good or bad, that too, at times, is coloured by our desires or vasanas.

Sri Vinayaka had lost one of his tusks in a fight with Parasurama, the great disciple of Lord Shiva. This broken tusk indicates that a real Vedantic student of subjective experience is one who has gone beyond the pairs of opposites (Dwaita-Adwiata)

He has the widest mouth and largest appetite. In Kuber's Palace, He cured Kuber's vanity by eating away all his food meant for all the guests and thereafter He started eating away the utensils, pandal, etc & had still remained hungry, when Lord Shiva, approached Him with puffed rice, which satisfied Him. These puffed rice are "Baked Vasanas or Desires", burnt in the fire of Knowledge & make the eater Satwic in his approach. It is said that the man of perfection has larger appetite for Life and to him every experience, good or bad is the play of the Infinite. When such a Mastermind sits dangling his foot down, it is again significant. Such a great Yogi, commands all powers, of the entire world of cosmic forces, are His obedient servants, seeking shelter at His feet & are awaiting His commandments to be carried out.

You must have observed that a small mouse is sitting near Lord Vinayaka and is quivering in anticipation, but not daring to touch whatever eatables are lying there & is allowed to eat only whatever is given to him at a time and again by the Lord Himself. A small mouse alone can create havoc in a barn, completely destroying the food available therein. Similarly, there is a small mouse within us, which is the power of desire & can eat away mountains of merit in us & make us a filthy creature on this earth. The Master of the world is riding upon the mouse, viz the Desires & thereby controlling the Universe.

It  is reported elsewhere that when Lord Vinayaka, once while riding on a mouse had fell off  & this scene looked so ridiculous that the Moon, laughed and Lord Vinayaka cursed the Moon that on this day none will be able to look at the Moon & that day is called The Vinayaka Chaturthi.

Lord Vinayaka has four arms.  In one hand He has an axe, in another He has a rope and in the third, He has a Rice Ball (Modhka) & with the fourth, He Blesses. Lord Vinayaka chops off all the obstacles of Spiritual seekers namely attachment to worldly objects, emotions, & thoughts & draws attention of the seeker towards the Higher & ties up the seeker with the Rope. He blesses him continuously until the Seeker or the man of Perfection becomes himself the Lord of Obstacles.

There are nine names which can be chanted as a prayers as follows:-             

Sri Ganeshaya Namah

Sri Ekadantaya Namah

Sri Heyrambaya Namah

Sri Vighnanayakaya Namah

Sri Lambodaraya Namah

Sri Shoorpakarnaya Namah

Sri Gajananaya Namah

Sri Guhagrajaya Namah

Sri Modhkaya Namah

Lord Ganesha is very simple & does not believe in pomp and show as professed by Lord Kuber, as the richest person on this earth. If a single modhaka is offered to Him in a clay plate, He will gladly accept it, provided it is offered with sincerity, devotion love and affection. Such an offering will satisfy His appetite. One of the devotee was not having even morsel of food for many months, when the poor soul visited Him with a single blade of grass as offering, Lord Ganesha was moved by the simplicity,  devotion and love of the devotee and treated that single blade of grass as the rarest treasure on this earth.

The One Who is ever a Giver, what can He expect from us except love and affection with sincere devotion & dedication.

Fall in Love with life-- with life, not with things & beings. Be in love with living. Do not be satisfied with a superficial life of mere sensual pleasures. Search for treasures hidden beneath the world of thoughts. Build yourself a Temple of Peace which no man can take, no power can destroy, which is yours only. Live life in harmony, find your joy in yourself, exactly where you are now. Do not look here and there.


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From: "punmans" Courtesy : saidevotees worldnet