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 Bhagawan commenced His Discourse at 8.05 a.m. with a Telugu verse: It is the sun that gives light during the day, at night it is the moon that spreads light, and for a family (lineage) it is a good and virtuous son who serves as a beacon light. A virtuous son is more important than even knowledge, awareness or wisdom. Vinayaka is such a virtuous son. Every individual has a Guru. But Vinayaka has no Guru. He is the Master of all. Hence He has a very befitting name – Vinayaka.


We start any worship with prayers to Vinayaka, be it in the area of music or literature. When we have Vinayaka as our ideal, we will be successful in any task. Vinayaka has the head of an elephant, with a trunk. The elephant stands for intelligence, discrimination and loyalty. Vinayaka, just as the elephant, proceeds forward, exercising discrimination at every step.


One must never give up the worship of Vinayaka. It is the prime duty of all students to consider Vinayaka as their leader. Vinayaka is unparalleled in His qualities. Taking Him as an ideal, we can acquire all knowledge. Vinayaka has a big stomach which is the repository of all knowledge.


Who are the mother and father of Vinayaka? Are they Iswara and Parvati? No. Vinayaka has no parents. How can He have any parents when He Himself is the Master? We cannot understand the mystery of Vinayaka. Sun gives us the light. But who are the parents of this Sun? Nobody. So too, Vinayaka is the Master, Mother and Father of all. Tvameva Maata Cha Pita Tvameva….


Forgetting such an ideal leader, today we take low personalities as our role models. We will find fulfillment of all our efforts, in worshipping Vinayaka. This day is related to the birthday of Vinayaka. Only if He is born, can we fix a day or time for His birth. But He has no birth. The whole universe has originated from Him. Vinayaka is the propagator of all the Vedas, Upanishads and the Puranas. Vedas have originated by the Will of Vinayaka and is not the composition of any individual.


Vinayaka never gets angry. He is the embodiment of Love. You all have seen His face. Have you ever seen any idol with an angry face? On the way to Kodaikanal, there is a place where people believe that Vinayaka has installed Himself there. But He is everywhere. How can He install Himself in just one place? Therefore, it is only for our satisfaction and for the purpose of worship that we assume He has installed Himself in a particular place.


Wherever bad qualities are given up, God installs Himself there. That is the true birth place of God. He is Gunateeta. Nirgunam, Niranjanam, Niketanam……Sometimes He may appear to be angry. He only puts up a guise of anger to guide people along the right path. At times, devotees cannot be corrected without harsh words. Therefore, anger too is a drama and not reality. It is our mistake that we feel God is angry. He only pretends to be angry at times.


Many a times, we think, “Why is Swami not talking to us?” Swami has no anger at all. He is full of Love. In our daily life we do commit mistakes. To correct us, Swami feigns anger. It is just a change in the tone of voice. When I say, “Come here”, very softly, you will like it. But if I say, “Come Here”, very harshly, you will think I am angry. This is just a change in the tone of voice.


In fact, sage Durvasa too had no anger at all. Once Draupadi went to Durvasa and prayed to him to save her husbands who were likely to be killed before the next morning as per the vow of the enemies. Sage Durvasa consented. He got a huge pit dug and cleared, just below him. He asked the Pandavas to hide there.


All fear sage Durvasa for his anger that often leads to curses. The enemies went to Durvasa and prayed, “O all knowing one, where are the Pandavas?” Durvasa with a very angry tone replied, “They are right below me”. Hearing his angry tone and fearing a curse from him, the enemies ran away. Durvasa did not utter a lie; he just changed the tone of his voice. Sages and saints can transform people, merely by changing the tone of their voice.


Ignorant people accuse sage Durvasa of being a very short tempered person. How can such a great sage have anger? God has no trace of anger at all. One with anger can never be God. It is only for the purpose of protection that He changes His tone at times.


Parvati once called Vinayaka and Subramanya close to her and challenged them with a competition. The competition was that whoever would complete circumambulating the entire Universe first, would get a reward of a special fruit from Lord Siva. This episode took place in Palani. Subramanya immediately commenced the race. However, Vinayaka just sat there. Father Siva asked him, “Vinayaka, why have you not gone yet?” Vinayaka replied, “For me, everything is here at your feet”. Saying so, Vinayaka circumambulated his father and mother and sat down declaring that he was the winner. Meanwhile Subramanya returned exhausted. Lord Iswara lauded Vinayaka as the winner and gave him the fruit. He said, “Take


Thus it is enough if you go around your parents. How can there be a son without parents? Be obedient to your parents. Students visit temples to pray to Ganesha for passing their exams. Using their pocket money, they offer fruits, coconuts, etc. All these are external in nature. It is enough if you please your parents. Their blessings will ensure success. Iswara and Parvati enacted the above drama to teach this lesson to humanity.


If you wish to please the Lord, you must first please your parents. At times, even if you do not adhere to the command of the Lord, never violate the command of your parents. They have fostered and nurtured you. Sometimes parents may appear angry. But can any parent ever be angry with their children? It is only the time and situation that makes them look angry and this too is for the good of the children. Parents have limitless love in them.


For example, when the son makes a mistake, the mother slaps the son. How does she do this?  She cups her hand and slaps him, creating more sound than physical impact (Swami demonstrated the cupping of the hand). Parents always shower love on their children. But children think wrongly. This is their mistake. You are not able to see their hidden love. Even when they say, “Chhi Po” (Get Lost), they say it with love. You have no need to be angry with your parents.


Ask yourself this question. “If parents are angry with me, could I have been here? No. But I am here. This means that they are not angry with me”. With anger, you can never be successful in any task. Obey the command of your parents. When you want to see a movie, you ask your mother for money. Your mother does not give you money. As your desire is not fulfilled, you feel she is angry with you. What a mean thought. At times of difficulties, a mother is ready to give even her life for you.


Today, there are sons who drive their mother and father to the court. There may be a bad son in this world but never a bad parent. Wrong actions may be noticed in sons but not in parents. Children must love parents and parents too must love their children.


Vinayaka symbolizes the totality of Love. Vinayaka was chosen to write the Mahabharata. Why is there absolutely no error in the Mahabharata? It is because Vinayaka was the scriber. There is no anger, jealousy, envy, ego or pomp in Vinayaka. All these negative qualities are in humans, not in God.


As is food, so is head. As is head, so is our perception of God. Therefore intake of appropriate food is very important. Do not partake food in an angry mood. Food is very important in spiritual discipline. Food must be Satvic. Rajasic food yields anger. If you eat Tamasic food, you will begin to sleep even as you are eating. Food with excess spice, salt, sourness is not good.


Whenever you eat food, you must offer it to God. “Brahmarpanam Brahmahavir….”. Immediately, God replies from within, “Aham Vaishva Naro Bhutva….”. We must take easily digestible food.


The comfort and lightness that we feel when we sit down to eat, the same comfort and lightness must be felt even when we get up after eating. That is the control on quantity one must exercise. All these are the main qualities of Vinyaka. Endeavour to practice all these qualities. Then, even if you do not have a trunk, you all will become true Vinayakas.


Bhagawan brought His Discourse to a close, at 9.00 a.m., with the Bhajan

Posted by Azmeen Kasad on 22.09.2004