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Excerpt from “Baba is God”

His Excellency J.R.Jayewardene Former President – Sri Lanka. 

As President of Sri Lanka, I had invited Baba on several occasions to visit Sri Lanka as a guest of Government and People.   Though He was keen to visit us, He did not find an opportunity of doing so.  However, in April this year, 1990, I visited Bangalore and had two audiences with Him on Thursday and 19th April and Saturday the 21st April.  He spoke quite freely to me and to many others from Sri Lanka who meets Him with me. 

His advice was always based on the teachings of the religious teachers, namely the Hindu Avatars, Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed.
He answered our questions dealing with public matters as well as private ones quite freely and in the contest of the same noble principles He always advocated. We were all deeply impressed by His presence and advice.
I remember several extra-ordinary healings narrated to me directly by persons who experienced them, of whose friends had experienced them.

I will mention one of them, which I heard directly from a reputed and highly qualified surgeon. A patient who needed surgical treatment to remove a portion of his intestines, which were subject to cancer, had seen him. He did not have the operation performed. He had gone away.

Ten years later, the same person whom the Doctor did not recognize, had consulted him again. This time he needed an immediate operation for a prostrate problem.

When they were preparing for an immediate operation, the patient asked him, “Dr; do you know who I am? “ When the Doctor replied “No! “He introduced himself as the patient who had seen him about 10 years ago for the operation mentioned above.

The Doctor was surprised that he was alive today without having the earlier operation.. The patient said, Dr, soon after I left you I paid my respects personally to Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. His miraculous cure helped me to live without an operation. Baba further advised me that 10 years from that date, you would need an operation for a prostrate problem and then to see the same Doctor and not to delay the operation. That is why I immediately consented to being operated by you.

This doctor, who is not a Hindu and not a devotee, narrated this story to me when he heard that I had visited His Holiness in Bangalore.

I accept Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba as a Purna Avatar. His presence in this world enables Him to advise with His words of wisdom and love those who live in it.

Swami Says - The nature of divine can be understood only when the divine in human form teaches as man to man, the nature of this love.

Jai Sai Ram

Ram Chugani
Kobe, Japan



Only an Avatar (incarnation of God) could say those words. Lesser souls like seers, spiritual aspirants, great souls ascetics, and realized persons would not have the courage to utter them, and even if they mustered enough strength, the words would not have the ring of authenticity.


About four years ago, I went from Bangalore to Puttaparthi by night train. When I reached the place by 10 A.M. I peeped into the old temple near the village on my way to the new ashram and was shocked by the heavy cloud of sadness that hung over it. Baba's ”brother–in-law" ( as we, with our limited family outlook, do prattle in delusion) Sri Subba Raju, Baba's sister's husband, who was also his maternal uncle, had passed away the previous evening and was buried late at night.


I had known him as a good and active worker at the Prashanti Nilayam, with a kind enquiry always on his lips, and so I was overwhelmed with sorrow. I also felt great anguish when I thought of the bereaved lady and her only son, a sweet little boy. With a heavy heart I moved towards the Nilayam, half apprehensive to meet there the stricken brother and nephew (Baba) and doubting all the time whether the words I might use would be enough to express my sorrow and convey my sympathy in front of Him.


The bereaved lady was evidently inside the Nilayam for her lamentation could be heard out side. Dark despair lay thick on every face and all were eagerly watching Baba's lips, waiting for His words.


Since I had not yet heard those words which only an Avatar could say, I had foolishly manufactured on my way to Prashanti Nilayam a sentence of consolation in the conventional style to be spoken to Him. But luckily, before I could commit that sacrilege, Baba looked at me with a be witching smile and, seeing my tears, He said, “Why? What is this? Don’t you know me? If there is no birth and no death, how am I to pass my time? And then He laughed!.


“How am I? … “Birth and death”… pass my time”?…What a profound utterance and before what an audience and against what a background!.


I saw before me not Baba with a physical body 28 years old, but an Avatar of the Lord Himself. Who else could have the courage?. Who else could infuse into those words that true ring of authenticity? Ponder over this, …Brother reader, that is my prayer.


SWAMI says - 'The principle of Atma is one and same in all., be it yogi or bhogi. A yogi renunciant or vairagi. It is present in theists and also atheists, But you are unable to recognize this all-pervasive Divinity. You are undertaking various spiritual practices should confer the awareness that Divinity is all-pervasive just as fire is needed till the rice is cooked, so also the spiritual practices are needed till you realize the innate Divinity' -  BABA



Jai Sai Ram


Brig S.K.Bose and his story....

How Swami saved him while discourse was on.

Sai Ram, Humble pranaams at the divine lotus feet of Bhagavan.

Let me share with you one fascinating story of Brigadier S.K.Bose, who after retirement from service as commandant of the college of military engineering Pune, came to Swami. 

He has dedicated himself wholly to serve the Sri Sathya sai Baba and to humanity in general. Even at the age of 80 years, he remains busy in constructions works of educational interest under Sai Baba in Sri Sathya sai institute of higher learning- deemed university. 

Few Years ago,  I, had good fortune of meeting him in veranda and he invited me to visit his room .He gave me one of his book published recently and I wish to share with you, his story when he died in presence of Swamis’ discourse and how Swami saved him.

One day Sai Baba returned from Brindavan ten days before the commencement of Navaratri festival. Dr Bose describe that on the morning of that day, he got fever continuously but on morning of that day, the fever disappeared, and he could feel the strength to go to Poorna-Chandra hall to witness the ceremony…. As he was seated on a chair on the dais, on which Purna Ahuti was offered by Sai Baba, casting sacred things and jewels to the fire of the homa.

Then Swami started his divine discourse on the Vijay Dashami day . Dr Bose his eyes & ears were listening to His discourse. Suddenly Dr Bose felt un-easy and felt complete lifelessness.... Swami saw this as what happened to him. He stopped his discourse and made several gestures by both hands in the air, as if He were driving away something hovering in the air above him. In his dead body, he said, I could see my body lying there and some thing Hovering in the air.

Then I saw huge bird floating over me, some six feet high from my level. The majestic bird was golden brown with a white streak at the neck. It was looking at me kindly, and I too looked at this huge bird in the midst of Dussera celebration and why he had come?

Suddenly the bird disappeared and I could see what was happening to my lifeless life, body removed from the chair where I had been seated by two seva dal volunteers who placed the body on the aisle between the front row of chairs and first row of devotees sitting on the floor.

Among them was Mr. Richard an American devotee permanently settled at Prashanti Nilayam. He said he could see Dr. Chari the head of Sai hospital and Dr Patel an old devotee, rushing to the body and examining it meticulously. Meanwhile Swami had switched off the mike on the podium, where he had just begun His divine discourse on Vijaya Dashami. I Saw Dr. Patel signal to Swami and there was not a trace of life in the body.

Swami moved in trice from the stage to the body in the aisle. His right fist was closed. I was not aware of Swamis actions. I report from what Mr. Richards later told me. The Subtle body which had come out, was what probably , Swami held in His right fist and His free left hand He raised the shoulder of the lifeless body some 2 feet high and gave a thrust at the back of the skull.

Then with His right hand, inserted the subtle body into it. I at once opened my eyes and beamed, My first reaction… On this auspicious Vijay Dashami Day, Swami standing close to me, I try to lift my right hand to take padnamaskar. Swami said Bose get up. I obeyed and sat with folded hands full of joy.  

The Swami made another thrust with His right hand on my shoulder charging me with energy (Shakti). He said stand up which immediately I did. As He left the aisle for podium on the stage to continue his Dussera discourse. He said, Go up the steps of the stage and sit near the window. 

Without any aid I crossed the 25 feet of the aisle and climbed 5 large wooden steps to reach the stage. My wife and daughter were on the ladies side and were unaware of this high drama. Dr Bose conclude I had felt no agony or pain in dying so peacefully on Dussera day 1988. Swami had brought me back to life. 

After the completion of His discourse. Dr Bose could return home at south Prashanti safe and healthy. However high a bird may soar, it has sooner or later to perch on a tree top, to enjoy quiet. So too a day will come when even the most haughty, the most willful, the most unbelieving , even those who assert that there is no joy or peace in the contemplation of the Highest self, will have to pray to God grant me peace, grant me consolation , strength and joy.  


Ram Chugani
Kobe, Japan

Prof Kasturi and Governor’s Birthday

Prof says once it happened to me. Swami was in Whitefield at that time and the private Secretary of the state Governor was running about to carry a message to Swami. Unfortunately for me , he saw me, and said “Mr. Kasturi, I am glad you are here. I am

Trying to contact Swami, but not able to do so. Tomorrow is Governor’s birthday and He wants to come to offer his homage to Swami tomorrow morning. So Please find out from Swami when he can come.

“My head began swelling! “Ah private secretary of Swami!” . I accepted the assignment and asked him to wait. I went inside the bungalow, and waited for Swami being alone. Because, if Swami reprimands me, there should be no witness of my discomfort!

I succeeded in having Him alone, and said “Swami private secretary to Governor” and so on. Swami was furious. He said “ Who gave you authority to wag your tail here.

If you wag your tail, I will cut it. Why did you accept the assignment?. That man asked you” to find from Swami! Is it a thing to be found out? It is his birthday, he wants to come, and I will have to be ready to receive him, is it? Tell that man that the gate will be open from 6 am to 8 p.m. . Nothing very remarkable about Governor’s visit. It is not such important thing that you bring that message to me.

You got my reply, now go back and tell him. What is all this nonsense? This is what I got.  So don’t take advantage of closeness and don’t allow your head to swell! You should not look down upon others, who have not that chance. You should not try to find out the reason for your being graced so much to be near Him.

Even the slightest wave of egoism in your mind is unspiritual, because Swami is spiritual leader. So every act of His, ever gesture of His, every word of His, is to promote our spiritual progress, to illumine our consciousness, to elevate our consciousness.

Swami Says - “Life is a game of football. You are the ball, and you are bound to be thrown and kicked about, this side and that. How long have you to bear this treatment? Until the air is full in the ball. Deflate it; no one will kick it again. The air that inflates it is ego. When the ego is out, bliss comes in.

Jai Sai Ram

Ram Chugani

Kobe, Japan


Swami has often said.  “Love my uncertainty”  Swami is uncertain. Probably some of you are thinking, “Swami is leaving Prashanti-Nilayam” on 6th,7th,10,12th that is very uncertain.

If you ask me when he leaves, I also don’t know. I am not informed. I come to know of Swami leaving this place only when people run towards Mandir.  I ask one of them” Why are you running ?  “Swami is leaving” he says, and I start running towards Mandir.

When Swami is here, we are not definite when He will be leaving. After He leaves, we are not definite when He will be returning.  He proceeds towards north, He may go up to Delhi or Mussoree or Simla or Himalayas ! No one knows.

In the olden days, while following Him by car He would ask us to go and wait at some milestone, and there we would be informed where He was going until we reached that milestone.

We would not be knowing where He would go! That is the uncertainty! Other gurus or teachers will not keep their followers under uncertainty, because they don’t want to disappoint them and loose them. 

A sheep lost is a loss to the shepherd. He wants to keep all the sheep’s together, but Swami is beyond all that. In one of his introduction poems, Swami says, if you are pleased and proud that I have allowed you to come near me and be near me, immediately you also face the possibility of being pushed away!

If you find that you are getting proud because I have allowed you to come near me , and because of that others are honoring you, then I will push away. In our country, we touch the feet of elders for the very fact that they have lived so long!. 

Prof Kasturi says Some people touch my feet because I am old. Swami warns me “Yeh! You are getting proud, head swelling” and I say” No Swami.” Then Swami says you are accepting namskar, allow people to touch your feet! And I say “Swami, mistake of being born earlier! Moreover, I was a teacher for 32 years and my students , very much remember me as their teacher and so, when they meet me, they touch my feet. What to do?” And Swami says “But you have been accepting without demur, as if it is your due!

When they come to touch your feet you don’t protest. You just offer your feet. That is where pride comes. Don’t allow pride to enter you. Keep protesting. Don’t go on gathering mamaskars. If an old student of mine comes and stands before me without touching my feet, I may get angry.

These are the attitudes to be avoided, and therefore Swami asks us to be careful. He says don’t be glad for having been allowed to come near me, you may be pushed out! Of course, I have been a target a number of times!  It is difficult thing to decide how near or how far you should be from Him.

It is something like fire. If you go too near you get burnt! And if you keep too far you get cold! Taking advantage of closeness to Him, feeling it is my due, because I am a big scholar, because I am indispensable to his glory, such swelling of head will result in being sent out.

Once it happened to me says (Kasturi) this story will continue please wait to hear as it is very interesting.

Jai Sai Ram


Kobe, Japan

Bhagavan's Wedding Gift for a Student's Sister

I am also happy to let you know that Bhagavan did two important  miracles that day. Having come out of the interview room, suddenly, He called one boy. Then, He just looked at him and took the wedding card he had for his sister.

The boy said, "Swami, this is my sister's wedding card." 

"OK," He said and told the boy to go and sit.

The boy went and sat in the tenth or fifteenth row, which was his  seat that day. At the end of arati, he finds there in another cover, the Mangalasutra, the sacred knot or the golden chain, which is given to the bride on the wedding day. The boy was thrilled and he told me.  I was very excited to hear this. I have been sharing this with as many groups as possible because you must have understood my temperament. I cannot be at peace unless I share whatever I know  with everybody. Yes, it is the greatest delight!

Another Vibhuthi Wonder

I can also share with you another miracle. There is a district by the name Khammam about a fifteen hours drive from here. There is a very small village close to Khammam by the name Chilukuru. Our seva dals went there and started doing some service. They noticed a Hanuman temple there, which was dilapidated and neglected. There was no priest, no daily worship, nothing whatsoever. So, the seva dals cleaned the whole premises; they whitewashed the whole temple. While they were there, they kept Baba's picture.

From Bhagavan's picture, vibhuthi started flowing continuously. Those seva dals were immensely happy for the kindness of Bhagavan, approving and accepting their service to Hanuman. In doing this, Swami was establishing that He and Hanuman are one and the same.

The seva dals also did bhajans there in the temple premises. They saw Baba's face in the photo, full red in colour. Normally, Hanuman's face is smeared with the red colour (vermillion), as most of us must have seen. They noticed the same thing on Baba's face. I also wanted to share this had happened.

From: Anil Kumar Satsang, "Sai Pearls of Wisdom"
Part Twenty Six, March 3rd, 2004

posted by rdthuiller on 22.09.2004


Your mission has begun. Those are my words to you, My devotees. Each of you has a unique and a valuable part to play in this lifetime. Only those whom I have called can serve me.

My mission has not reached that point in time when each one of you now has work to do. This planet has a purpose in the great galaxy in which it is held. That purpose is now unfolding before your eyes. I call upon you to radiate the Devotion within you so that its unseen power will envelop all those who come into your orbit. To successfully perform your part, always remain centered upon me. All yourself to impart that purity of heart within you towards all human beings and all living creatures and do not reach for the fruits of your work.

This part of My Mission is performed in absolute silence. You are My instruments from whom My Love will pour. Be always aware that the moment you let your ego descend upon you my work ceases. When you have overcome your negative unmindfulness you will again become My Source.

The multiplication of My Love will be felt throughout the world. I have prepared you for this work over many incarnations. I have drawn you to me. I have made great steps in My Mission over these past incarnations. My work is ceaseless and so your work, too, is without end. Know that I am within you and without you. There is no difference. Rid yourself of petty matters forevermore. You are now ME and I am now THEE. There is no difference. My Darshan will put forth from ME to and through you. You may be unaware of this constant action. Be ever pure of heart and soul and mankind in your lifetime will benefit from your unique qualities.

Others, too, will join ME in this Mission when I draw them to Me. The time is approaching when all humanity will live in harmony. That time will be here sooner than one expects. Before it arrives be prepared for whatever is needed to reveal to every living thing the true purpose of existence. It is not what anyone alive can imagine. It is not something that one can try to aspire to. It is beyond all comprehension. I can say that its beauty is magnificent beyond all dreams. And as each of you perform your silent work I will embrace you to My Heart and henceforth your souls shall be lifted up and your eyes will reveal MY Presence within.

This I say to all My Devotees from the Lord’s Mountain Top where all the Universe become one.

Be about My Work, My beloved Devotees. Your breath will carry the scent of the Blossoms of Heaven. Your example will be that of Angels. Your joy will be My Joy.

--Sri Sathya Sai

(Source: Reprogramming Our Spiritual Sadhana - Shri. Indulal Shah)

Posted by: Sailesh Multani, Mumbai

EDUCARE BULLETIN Bringing Out the Educare Within Us !!

In This Bulletin

1. Values are latent in us

Extracted from  talk by Prof. Anil Kumar on 3 March 2004

On 25th January 2004, in the interview room at Prasanthi Nilayam, Swami addressed teachers from the Anantapur campus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. This interview was after they underwent training for three days. Swami inspired them with the following message:-

Bhagavan said, "I love you very much. If you start doing your duty, I am ready to give you anything that you want. Anything! I take care of you, your families and your health. Swami will always support you. Remember this point!"

Then a teacher said, "Swami, we want You."
Baba replied, "I want you! I want you!"

Bhagavan also conveyed one thing to the teachers, which I want to bring to your notice. He said, "Understand that God is in everybody in the form of ‘I’." When I say, "Who are you?" you reply, "I am so-and-so." Everyone says ‘I’. This ‘I’ is Divinity in you. This ‘I’ is common to everybody. Once we understand this commonness of ‘I’ in everyone, we stand united.

Bhagavan also said to those teachers, "For three days, you have had a  conference on education in human values. Do you think that you are  importing values from anywhere? Where are the human values? Are you learning  them? You are a human being, right! So, you were born with human values. A tree is not acquiring the quality of a tree. An animal is not learning the quality of an animal. So, also a human being need not learn human qualities, because he is already born with them."

What we are trying to do in a teacher’s conference is just remind ourselves of these human values, which are latent in us, which have been there all along. That’s all! The job of a teacher is to bring out those values, which are already present in the children.

Bhagavan also said, "This is the task for which I have come - to remind you of your value, to remind you of your Divinity.  Whoever does this job will have My bounteous blessings."

Jai Sai Ram

Ram Chugani
Kobe, Japan






Smt. Shyamala Devi   Daughter of late Shri  Burgula  Ramakrishna Rao, former Governor Of U.P, and Kerala, India.



It happened during the day when my father , Late Shri Burgula Ramakrishna Rao was Governor of Utter Pardesh.


My father with his-de-camp by name Mr Sodi had gone to Puttaparthi to have Swami’s darshan. On that occasion Swami materized a golden ring and gave it to Mr.Sodi.   Baba usually created articles like rings, watches etc, as talisman for the protections of His devotees.


Swami once explained the significance of his created articles. Whenever the recipients of such gifts from Swami are in danger, these articles instantly convert a message to Swami just like a message is convey through telephone.


One one occasions my father along with Mr Sodi had to travel on an official work in a plane meeting for Governor. While returning after completion of assignment, the plane’s front wheel got truck and did not open before landing. Pilots tried their best to unlock and bring down the wheels,  but could not succeed.


They were forced make rounds over the airport, as they were unable to make a normal landing. Even the petrol was running out. When message was sent to the control room saying that they have decided to make an emergency landing on its belly, arrangements were hurriedly made.


Fire engines and first aid services were all geared up and kept ready. In a last and final attempt ADC . Mr Sodi entered the cockpit and tried to bring down the jammed wheels.


He had on his finger the ring created by Swami. Immediately the wheels freed and unfolded. The plane was carrying the Governor and made safe landing. My mother at first was frightened at the plane’s failure to make a normal landing.


On that particular day in the early hours Swami had appear in her dream and gave her flowers and bangles, symbolic of protection of her husband.


As a proof of this incident back of Puttaparthi, it seems Swami had remarked to close devotees “Alas! Ramakrishna Rao’s plane had mishap averted. “When my father spoke to Swami through phone. Swami remarked and explained the details of the entire incident to my father.


Jai Sai Ram


Ram Chugani
Kobe, Japan

Prof  Kasturi and his story of Gowri a bright student.


Amazing cure



Prof Kasturi describes this letter: A shrill note piercing through the bathroom shattered the absolute calm.


Vasantha her mother was terrified, and ran from the living room. She knocked loudly the closed door of the bathroom. Gowri had bolted the door from inside and she screamed from a sever back pain which had immobilized her.


Slowly she managed to open the bolt. Vedanta rushed in and helped her move to the bedroom. Gowrie was in agony. She lay in bed. The family physician was called. He came and after examining her pronounced it to be a muscular seizure.


Injections and medicines were given. Gowrie went off to a drowsy sleep, not aware of her pain. “That is what doctor do, so also God’s grace, making you not aware of pain.


Swami says, you have to suffer Karmic pain because you have asked for it, but God’s grace makes you not aware of it. That is blessings Swami may grant.


“This was on 21st December 1982. From her childhood Gowrie was an active girl. Apart from being a bright student, she participated in various cultural activities. She was an enthusiastic member of the debating society, the drama association, the dance troupe and literary circle.


She had enrolled as a student of bharatanatyam, a south Indian style of dance under a well-known guru of Tanjore tradition, at  young age of seven years. For ten long years she practiced bharatanatyam and she was qualified for the first stage Performa dance before the public in 1979.Later she danced in prestigious halls like Shanmukhananda Hall.


As well as many famous Halls in Bombay. She was a member of a group of Bharatnatyam dancers who gave performance in ASAID auditorium. She was a celebrated dancer.


She was practicing hard to perform a dance ballad scheduled for 23rd December 1982 when the tragedy struck her. Leading physicians, surgeons and experts examined her. Close X-rays and repeated medical tests showed no clinical evidence of any injury or illness. By mid January 1983she suffered severe cramps at the lower back which left her in agony and exhaustion.


A leading orthopedist examined her and suspected a serious problem in her nervous system and started treatment It gave Gauri some relief, but she continued to suffer from pain in the lower back. She was absolutely unable to sit. She had a stoop and could not straighten herself. She had to be helped to lie on bed. She violently shivered.


Months passed in agony for gowri and all of us. As astrologers and tantrics were consulted. Some of them said, she might have become a victim of evil eye! Poojas were performed. The orthopedist continued his treatment. By May 1983 Gowrie improved. She could sit for a while and stand up promptly. She maintained steady progress after October 1983. But progress seemed to be elusive.


She started suffering bouts of several times a day, and late evenings were spent in restlessness. By November her conditions deteriorated. She complained of sever pain in her neck and shoulder. Days and weeks were spent in sheer agony.


It was already December 1983 and a year of agony was nearing completion. At this time, a schoolmate of Gowrie casually dropped to enquire about Gowrie health. She was shocked and distressed to see her condition. She decided to something about it. She went back home and told her mother about Gowrie’s illness.


Gowrie’s friend and her mother were staunch devotees of Sri Sathya sai Baba. They spent lot of time in the service of the poor, and the old and the sick. They decided they would pray to Baba to help Gowrie into Gowrie’s house. Gowrie and her mother were happy to receive them.


They were sad to see Gowrie’s condition. They talked sweetly to her, consoled her and advised to pray to God and quietly took a packet of vibhuti and gave it to Gowri, and asked her to apply to that part where it pained her, and told her to mix it in the water and drink when the pain became unbearable. They said it was the vibhuthi from Sathya Sai Baba.

We felt there was no harm in using it. After all we had tried all methods of cure and now why not this? But, Gowrie’s friend and her mother added, you should have full faith in Baba. How could it be? We had just heard about Him! They repeated their assurance that the vibhuthi was a powerful cure. They had a video cassette with them to be screened somewhere. We asked whether we could view it. They handed over the cassette and once again reminded us to pray to Baba and take the vibhuthi.” ‘Shrotavya’ is to hear about God. “Drushtavya” is to see God. Seeing video was Drushtavya,’ seeing Swami’s form.


We had all kinds of doubts. ‘How can we have faith in him? Who is Sathya Sai Baba? How does He look like? What about his vibhuthi. All kinds of doubts. The entire family crowded around and viewed the cassette. We were spell bound at what we saw. We were charmed at the red robed apparition.


Baba looks so beautiful! The crowd seems to adore Him! He looks so compassionate and kind! All of sudden He waved His right hand and created vibhuthi! He gave it to all devotees who were sitting. Baba making vibhuthi flow from an inverted vessel on to an idol of Shard Baba was unbelievable!


His message of Sathya, Dharma, shanty and preamp, and there is only one religion, the religion of love, there is only one God, He is omnipresent stimulated unification of humanity! We were thrilled to hear it. We were moved at the splendor of Baba!


We regretted ourselves we did not see Him earlier! But never mind, it is never too late. We saw Him again and again. The more we saw the more we loved Him. It was an experience, when the two devotees came next day, they had brought a couple of books on the life and teachings of Baba. That is “Mantravya” knowing about Him.


We used vibhuthi as directed. True, the pain seemed to reduce and disappear when vibhuthi was mixed in the water and taken. It made her a little bright and cheerful. What was happening? A dream or imagination? A sort of make believe?  


We wanted to see further development. Subsequently vibhuthi was smeared at the spot where it pained most, and gave her generously water mixed with vibhuthi to drink, which stopped her pain, particularly in the left arm which had gone numb!  We were delighted, but kept our peace for fear of some evil eye robbing her of this newfound remedy!


When the stock of vibhuthi declined we felt concerned. But many devotees who vested us filled up the container. In fact they themselves were surprised, and they could hardly conceive the happening and the wonder that vibhuthi had done.


They all decided to take Gowrie for Baba,s darshans. On the 13tth February 1984 , they all had Swami’s darshans. Kasturi report that there was a messenger from Baba calling them for interview.


Lady members awaiting the interview stood near the sidewall. Soon Baba came out, He waived us. It was simple direct gesture, we were right in His presence. All of sudden He turned to Gowrie who was sitting on chair as she could not bend to sit on the floor.


“What had the doctors to say? He asked. She replied the doctors found nothing wrong and father gave additional report that she was Bharatantyam dancer.   


“I cure her right now, she should be quite normal” Baba said. We were astounded, speechless, Baba was telling “Right now!” It was turning moment Baba got up and went near her. Gowrie was already on her feet, and though she could not bend, she went down on her knee and did namskar.


What better proof we wanted other than what we were witnessing! It was happening after fourteen months. Medical experts had cautioned her not to attempt at such thing. But here she was right at his feet doing namaskar. She tried hard fighting back tears flooding out of her.


Other members could hardly conceal their joy and emotion. We followed Gowrie and we were right at Baba’s feet, His grace, His love and compassion pouring on all of us in abundance. Perhaps He accepted our devotion when He permitted us to hold His feet for such a long time.


Baba broke the silence, and assured that Gowrie would be all right, and when she visited next time, she would be a great dancer! He distributed vibhuthi to all of us in generous measure. It sighted the end of the interview..


It was time for morning Bhajans and we joined devotees in singing. After we came out to find the whole world new. He has given you a new eye, a new vision. Gowrie discarded the chair and pillows kept for her. In the Bhajan hall she sat on the floor. Some members who had seen her agony broke into spectators joy at her transformation.


The news had spread all around, and loving volunteers too were filled with joy


“The miracle is one poster to announce that the AVATHAR has come.”


Sai Ram

Ram Chugani
Kobe, Japan